The Qualities of the Urban Environment in Emerging Regional Metropolises: The Case of Doha, Qatar

The Skyline of the City of Doha, an Emerging Regional Metropolis, Qatar, 2011

Major cities in the Gulf region have recently acquired a geo-strategic importance. Through the shift of global economic forces cities in the region, and Doha is no exception, are developed as central hubs between old economies of Western Europe and the rising economies of Asia. In the context of international competition between cities new challenges are emerging where cities need to find ways to sustain and extend their position in the context of a global knowledge economy. Knowledge based economies have been identified as the key driver for spatial and urban development processes. They include services, high tech industries, and higher education institutions, and are characterized by strong international presence and transnational practices. Yet, how exactly can cities survive in the global competition of geographic locations? How can they influence their significance within a knowledge economy context?

Our research effort aims at offering answers by arguing that non-physical knowledge economy aspects and the qualities of the urban environment are interdependent. It analyzes the qualities of the urban environment of Doha as an important regional metropolis through a comprehensive vertical investigation utilizing mixed research methods, including GIS analyses, space syntax studies, interviews, onsite observations, mapping and typological studies. While avoiding physical fragmentation and social segregation, we aim to develop guidance parameters on land use, investment patterns, urban space attributes, and ultimately on the overall quality of the urban environment in emerging regional metropolises.

Doha: From a Traditional Settlements to a Globalized City

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